About Us

Coega Logistics was started early 2013 . It is a new company with years of transport experience in different sectors and management positions in the transport industry. Our aim is to provide our clients with the best personal service achievable. We are a transport consulting company that only deal with selected reputable transport companies. We have done our homework and know with what transporters one deals with on the different routes and types of load. We will work with our clients to find the best economical way of transporting their goods. Its our goal to have a satisfied client and a happy transporter by linking the customer to the right trucking company. We have five national long-distance transporters and six provincial bounded distribution company’s that cover all our provinces in the country and main centres.

ONE CALL… Our aim is that you make the 1 call.… we do the rest … keep you posted on eta’s, delay, pickup and delivery times… Our clients must focus on their business, while we handle the logistics. We can only do this by having trusting relationships with reputable transport companies. Our working experience allows us to balance the needs of a client and the practical operations of a transport company through effective communication. Although we do loads between all the main center’s we also do a lot of business where country clients want to move their product to the main center’s and/or raw products to the countryside. The visa versa happens all the time. We know when we have a customer with a satisfying transport experience, we will maintain that client. We thus adhere to that norm. When we have achieved this everything falls into place. We promise our service will exceed your expectation.